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Take your body and mind to new heights with our combination of yoga, pilates and body conditioning

At FLY Studio our mission is to create an oasis in Toronto's Downtown Core that will offer you an environment to make positive changes to your body and mind through a unique variety of practises. We focus on taking your practise to new levels with the addition of the suspension element - when gravity holds you back, we help you soar. The practise may be new to you but our small classes will give you the opportunity to work with our instructors closely to ensure the fastest possible progress. No matter what your goals are, the combination of classes that are available at Fly Studio will get you where you want to be - come and see us today and you will see why.

About Us

Learn About our Team & Culture.

Fly isn't just a place to practise Aerial Yoga or Pilates, but a community of people that want to grow and improve ourselves together. When you walk in you should feel it; calmness, warmth and a little bit of excitement - you are about to FLY! Our combination of classes and the people that are here to lead you in them are truely unique in Toronto.

If you forgot your water bottle, we have one for you. If you forgot your mat, we have that too. If you have a goal that you want to achieve, talk to us so we can help you get there.

Relax, shake off your day, make yourself at home and then get ready to connect with yourself and your practise...get ready to FLY!

Aerial Yoga
Ariel Whittaker

Ariel Whittaker

Aerial Yoga / Barre / Pilates Reformer
Juan Villegas

Juan Villegas

Aerial Yoga
Lori Bryant

Lori Bryant

Aerial Yoga
Kaye Penaflor

Kaye Penaflor

Suspension Yoga
Polina Leibovskaia

Polina Leibovskaia

Cristin Fagone

Cristin Fagone

Ariel Yoga
Jennifer Adinolfi

Jennifer Adinolfi

Jane Spence

Jane Spence

Natalie Harper

Natalie Harper

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. — Leonardo da Vinci


We have pricing options to fit your lifestyle and budget

New Members - Try Fly!

If it is your first time and you just want to see what we are all about you have two great options. Try any single class for $15 or try our 2 Week Unlimited Pass for just $40.

Purchase an Intro Offer

Monthly Unlimited Pass

If you enjoy a regular practise and want to take advantage of our Aerial Yoga, Suspension Yoga and Suspension Strength classes, the best way to go is a monthly unlimited pass. Everything EXCEPT Reformer Pilates for only $159/month.

Purchase an Unlimited Monthly Pass

Class Packages

If you know what you like and want to pay per class - this option is for you!

Aerial Yoga, Suspension Yoga and Suspension Strength

  • Individual Class:$25
  • 5 Class Pack: $110
  • 10 Class Pack: $190

Group Reformer Pilates

  • Individual Class: $30
  • 5 Class Pack: $135
  • 10 Class Pack: $250

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need experience in Suspension or Aerial yoga before I take a class?

A: Absolutely not, your flight instructor will discuss your experience level with you and movements will be tailored to you.

Q: What is the difference between Suspension and Aerial yoga?

A: At first look, the most notable difference is the equipment used. A silk hammock is used for Aerial yoga and a hammock, made of recycled parachute material with hand and foot handles is utilized for Suspension yoga. Aerial class movements are predominantly Asana yoga, which can be taken to another level because of the assistance of the silk. Suspension is a blend of yoga, body conditioning and stretching. The handles provide extra stability and a deeper stretch. Try both to find your favourite. 5, 10 and 20 class package pricing can be used for both.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Whether you are upside down or on the reformer, comfortable clothing that moves with you is good for all classes. Shoes are optional for Tabata, but unnecessary for the rest of our classes. Jewelry can get caught on Suspension and Aerial equipment so we ask that you don't wear any during your class.

Q: Why should I try suspension or aerial yoga and what benefits can I hope to see?

A: There are so many reasons, but here are a few...

  • You will quickly see how the hammock takes your practise to the next level
  • Decompress your spine,build strength and flexibility
  • Inversion increases blood flow to your brain, boosting brain power and improving mood
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and blood purification
  • It's fun and a great conversation starter at parties!

Q: Can I join a group reformer class with no experience?

A: Yes, we offer Beginner Reformer classes and a 4 week workshop that gives you the knowledge and confidence to make the class enjoyable and beneficial. Contact us for details on our next Beginner Reformer workshop.


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